Day to day assistance

Select the service below and find local caregivers who can help your ageging parents with running errands, grocery shopping, deliver a package, restock medicines, assist household installation/repair and many more daily tasks.

Transportation help

Your parents might often need help with commuting within or outside the city , Search local caregivers who take them everywhere, be it a doctor's visit, friend/family visit, a local event or even a trip to another city.

Help with Engagement activities

Never let your aging parent be bore at home, local caregivers become true buddy for seniors and enrich their life in countless meaningful ways by supporting them with technology, play games, go for picnic, celebrate birthdays/anniversaries and even festivals together.

How it works

Whether you need help for your senior parents or just need one time help for a family event. On Seniorvig you can directly connect with caregivers and hire them on hourly basis.

Search caregivers

All caregivers are well educated local university caregivers or housewives. Select any service above and get the list of caregivers in your city.

Check Profile

You can visit their detailed profile and connect with them directly for free. You can hire them for 1 -2 hours or more as per your need and pay them directly.

Background verification

Though we do reference check and ID verification but we don't conduct criminal/court background check. You should do your own due diligence before hiring a caregiver.


Signup as a Caregiver

VIG stands for Valour, Idealistic and Gallant, that's how we define our caregivers. If you are a current student,fresh graduate or housewife and are looking for a freelancing role, you are at right place, please signup through below link.

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